Early Weaves

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Early Weaves is a non-verbal dance-theatre show for early years children. A heart-warming allegory of friendship and re-engagement with a post-pandemic world. Two individuals meet, tentatively at first and, building trust, they navigate the highs and lows of their journey. Using willow as their only resource, they explore sound and movement, creating magic and laughter, until finally, coming full-circle, they invite the audience in to play.

Show design

The set design and props are made almost entirely from willow, a fully compostable, carbon-sink material, that replenishes to its original height within a year of being cut. The show sits within a thrust circular design, marked by a hemp rope, with the audience sat behind. Early Weaves is playable indoors or outdoors and purposefully adaptable to a range of spaces. Portable willow screens frame each scene throughout the piece and can be shrunk or spread out according to a venue’s floor space.

A tech rider is available on request.
For show enquiries, please contact

For show enquiries, please contact earlyweaves(AT)gmail.com

Tour dates

17th - 21 April - Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1SB
1st July - Our City Dances, Brighton with South East Dance
27th and 28th July – Hullabaloo in the Park, Darlington, with Theatre Hullabaloo
1st November - Yate Library, South Gloucestershire

Artistic team

"Humongous thanks to the following incredible individuals, who have brought together their immense talents, skills, passions and experience in the worlds of creativity, willow and early years, to weave together this beautiful piece."
(Hannah Lefeuvre, Creative Director)

Gina Westbrook – Assistant Director, Collaborator and Mentor
Del Taylor – Research and Development, Creative Collaborator, Set Design and Build

Leela Bunce – Performer and Collaborator – playing Willow
Takeshi Matsumoto – Performer and Collaborator – playing Weave
Ashley Jordan (AJ) – Understudy Performer and Collaborator – playing Weave
Abigail Huan – Understudy Performer and Collaborator – playing Willow

Greg Hall – Sound Lead and Composition
Rachael Duthie – Lighting Designer
Julie Read – Costume Designer and Maker
Serena de la Hey – Willow Consultant and Maker

Mark Helyar – Mentor and Dramaturg
Rose Swift – Project Management
Amy Hardwick – Early Years Artist and Touring Technician

Anthony Clements - Stage Manager
Trevor Jones – Stage Manager
Rich Tomlinson –Photograph and Film

For more information on the origins of the piece:
With thanks to the following funders and supporters

Taunton Brewhouse
Hannah Lefeuvre - early years arts - practitioner teacher trainer mentor choreographer researcher